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Abbot Cellach | [personal profile] abbot_cellach | Secret of Kells
Aida Fairbarin | [personal profile] meanprincess | Rinmaru’s Ascension
Amber “Sweet” Largo | [personal profile] zydrateaddict | Repo! The Genetic Opera
Amethyst | [personal profile] purplerockcandy | Steven Universe
Angel | [personal profile] miss_housedog | Disney’s Lady and the Tramp (sequel)
Baby Doll|[personal profile] didnt_meanto | Batman: The Animated Series
Barnabas Collins | [personal profile] i_barnabas | Dark Shadows (1966 TV series)
Black Knight | [personal profile] blackasknight | Generator Rex
Bolin | [personal profile] earth_urchin | Legend of Korra
Breach | [personal profile] everythingnnothing | Generator Rex
Byakudan Kagome | [personal profile] percivalsays | Strawberry Panic!
Cindy McPhearson | [personal profile] mcfearsome | Boondocks: Animated Series
Cera | [personal profile] cera_the_strong | Land Before Time (Don Bluth)
Chernabog | [personal profile] silent_temptation | Disney’s Fantasia
Duchess | [personal profile] lady_duchess | Disney’s The Aristocats
Felicity | [personal profile] cantsee | Felidae (movie)
Guido | [personal profile] anotherweirdo | Land Before Time (sequels)
Hama | [personal profile] twistedwater | Avatar: The Laster Airbender
Hans Westergaurd | [personal profile] oh_hans | Disney’s Frozen
Tiny!Hans | [personal profile] ingratiating | Disney’s Frozen and A Frozen Heart (Elizabeth Rudnick )
Jenna | [personal profile] redbandana | Balto
Miss Kitty | [personal profile] softasapowderpuff | An American Tail (Sequels)
Master Oogway | [personal profile] masterturtle | Kung Fu Panda
Nicodemus | [personal profile] became_intelligent | The Secret of Nimh (Don Bluth movie)
Nigel Thornberry | [personal profile] naturehost | The Wild Thornberrys
Noah Nixon | [personal profile] gorilladog | Generator Rex
Petrie | [personal profile] panickypetrie | Land Before Time (Don Bluth)
Pocahontas | [personal profile] beyondheryears | Disney’s Pocahontas
Pterano | [personal profile] veryimportantcreature | Land Before Time (sequels)
Rameses III | [personal profile] morningeveningstar | The Prince of Egypt
Rotti Largo | [personal profile] curedtheglobe | Repo! The Genetic Opera
Sansa Stark | [personal profile] aroseamongwolves | Game of Thrones (books and tv series)
Sally Finkelstein | [personal profile] deadestragdoll | Nightmare Before Christmas
Sawyer | [personal profile] just_a_secretary | Cats Don’t Dance
Shanti | [personal profile] til_im_grown | Disney’s The Jungle Book (1967)
Sky | [personal profile] teary_alchemist | Rinmaru's Ascension
Vlad Masters | [personal profile] cheesemaster | Danny Phantom
Young!Vlad | [personal profile] lil_cheesemaster | Danny Phantom


Amber “Sweet” Largo| Repo! The Genetic Opera
Angel| Lady and the Tramp II
Anne Marie| All Dogs Go to Heaven
Baby Doll| Batman: The Animated Series
Fluttershy| My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Noah Nixon| Generator Rex
Sibella Dracula| Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School
Vlad Masters| Danny Phantom
Young!Vlad| Danny Phantom
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