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    Basically, R-E-S-P-E-C-T from all parties involved. If you have a problem with me, how I RP, how our thread is going or anything else related, let’s discuss it openly and rationally. I promise to do the same in turn. God moding, meta gaming, forcing CR/ships, passive-aggressive messages oocly and icly targeted at me, constantly badgering me to reply to your thread or asks multiple times a day, purposely disobeying rules, curb stomping my villains (I’ll explain in more detail later), anything that would make you look like an asshole, just DONT. DO. IT.


    My tagging speed as a whole fluctuates. I have depression, anxiety, borderline seizure disorder, and a physically taxing job. If I’m not responding right away to our thread or question, most cases I’m not ignoring you, I just get exhausted at the end of the day. I predict due to goals I have of travel, getting back into school, y’know having somewhat of a life outside the internet, my activity is only going to get spottier. If there’s something here I haven’t covered yet, need restated, or you just want to know the answers of the universe, (although we all know the answer to all of that is 42) feel free to ask either in the askbox, messages, or fanmail.

    Updated 1/29/16 - If we’re mutuals and we agreed to RP, but I see it’s been a month and a half or over since my last response, you haven’t updated that you’re on hiatus or given a reason why it’s taking so long, I’m going to assume it’s a dropped thread, and if we don’t talk at all, I’ll remove you. I’ve had history of people talking and saying they wanted to do something only for them to opt out without telling me, so I’m the one left hanging, holding my breath for the next response. So yeah. Just don’t do that.

  3. OOC ≠ IC

    I’m not my character and you aren’t your character either. Just because we might have negative CR doesn’t mean I have anything against you or your character. Heck, the characters might even be BFFs but oocly, we aren’t very close. Pretty simple.


    If it’s not your first language or you have a language disability and I see you’re making efforts to get better, proceed threading! If you just come in with chatspeak that looks like it came from circa 2003 or I have to constantly use my spelling/grammar check to interpret what you’re saying, we’re not going to thread together.


    All of my rp blogs are private, selective, semi-exclusive, and mutuals only due to sanity reasons. I like to keep my dash from being cluttered and follow only people I truly desire deeply to RP with. The following traits are a criteria that will make me more likely to follow you:

  • A thorough About/Bio page on character(s)

  • A rules page

  • You “liked” the post indicating they’ve read the rules

  • You cut your posts

  • You are not an asshole

  • You tag your posts

  • I adore AUs! I love to alter certain things in canon for “what if” scenarios and see how my characters respond in those situations. I will RP with AUed versions of the same character unless I state on the character’s page otherwise.

    Duplicates of the same muse are fine as long as we can work it in a way where it’s more realistic to their own canon universe, ( I.e. Petrie meeting a twin/cousin that is a lot like him in everyway ) I’m not really a fan of selfcest ships with some exceptions (Striking Fear), so don’t force those thanks.


      All of my blogs are available to exclusivity to particular characters, since most of my pups are from obscure, small fandoms. If I really click with one person I’ve rped back and forth with, I’ll rp only with that one character. (I.e. Vlad and Dani in Danny Phantom) That said, if another Dani came into Vlad’s or my other character’s inbox just to ask a question, I’ll accept it! Just don’t expect a thread to come out of it.

    2. Likes appreciated! Reblogs, convos not tolerated

      If you’re reading the RP and not taking part of it, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER DEITY OR LACK THEREOF YOU BELIEVE IN don’t reblog or comment on it. It’s disrespectful and annoying for the persons tracking it. Likes are appreciated though!

    3. Tags and Triggers

      Use #amaschars to tag me in this blog if you want to see anything. I tag all the basic triggers on the appropriate blogs. If you have a specific trigger you want me to tag and I haven’t yet, pm me and I’ll do it!

      Updated 1/29/17 - I’ve noticed more and more as I RP in this community that players like to use their characters as mouthpieces for their political views or reblog ooc current events. If we are mutuals, PLEASE. For the love of what deity or lack thereof that you believe in, tag any controversial posts of the like under “#politics” I come here on RP to unwind and write out prentendy funtimes with friends. If you’re playing a politically inclined character, well, that’s going to be inevitable, but anything on current events or RL things that are apparent now, I just wanted to be warned ahead of time before I scroll on my dashboard. Thank you.

    4. AGE CAP

      UPDATED 3/18/17 - As of now, I am officially making an age cap with who I RP with. It’s just for my own peace of mind so if I post something NSFW, I’m not accidentally scarring anybody. Sorry kids, if you’re 17 and under, we aren’t RPing together.

    5. RP Styles and Content

      I RP in para and one-liner form. But there has to be enough material for me to work with them. Almost all of my icons I made myself unless I state otherwise. I’ll make sure to give the person credit every time I use them. If you see something I’m using that is yours and you prefer me to not use it or see that I have uncredited you, pm me and I’ll stop using it and give you credit.

    6. Finally, please like this post once you’re at the bottom of this page, to indicate you understand and have read the rules! Thanks!

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